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Sunshine Lily Handcrafted Co.

Peach & Mango Candle

Peach & Mango Candle

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It's a mix of mango, peach, hibiscus, coconut, and vanilla. It also  the following essential oils - orange, mandarin, black currant, parsley, and fir.

8 ounces of 100% Nature Wax

Scent is soy-based

Peach & Mango comes in a beautiful crystal jar and is topped off with a fitted lid. This makes a perfect gift to yourself or anyone you love! The jar is easily cleanable after the candle is gone for an elegant storage container or whiskey glass.

To properly care for your candle, do the following:

Trim your wick every time you light your candle! We strongly recommend trimming your wick to at least 1/4 -1/2 inches every single time you light your candle. You can use scissors, clippers, or tissue to pull off the excess wick. No matter what you decide, always trim your wick! This keeps the wick from mushrooming, smoking, and producing soot. It also will give you a more consistent, brighter burn.


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