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Sunshine Lily Handcrafted Co.

Blue Sage, Greek Oregano, Lavender, Mountain Mint Botanicals

Blue Sage, Greek Oregano, Lavender, Mountain Mint Botanicals

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💐This Beautiful Botanical Bundle is hand made and blessed by my hands. Creating when I’m in love creates this beautiful free flow of energy. Love spilled from my lips spoken upon these bundles. I hope you all can feel the love I poured into these it was something special and transformative. Use this to cleanse energies and spaces.

✨Blue Sage is also known as “Grandmother Sage”. It’s name comes from its broad medicinal and magickal properties. Blue Sage metaphysical properties are very extraordinary.similar to White Sage, Blue Sage also dispels negative energy in spaces, objects, and people. Blue Sage is extremely beneficial to use in prosperity and abundance rituals due to its ability to attract money. 
✨Greek  Oregano is a powerful herb that can be used in friendship spells, spells to help people fall deeper into love, working with the heart chakra, and so much more!
Burning oregano can be useful in the following ways:

Good vibes only- lessens the effects of any harmful words, thoughts, and vibes.

Psychic or prophetic dreams


Expedite Good Luck

Love- to help deepen an existing relationship

Letting Go- Burn and decorate your loved one’s grave with oregano to help you let go and to help them move on.

Justice- Send intentions through the smoke that justice will be served

Courage- Calm your nerves and get clarity to move forward in the face of adversity

Happiness- Invoke feelings of joy
Wild Lavender/Lavender is known for its calming, peaceful, and sedating effects. It inspires love and relieves anxiety. Because of its irresistible scent and natural beauty, it's a great choice for your energies of attraction. 

✨Mint & Healing, Mint is simply refreshing and soothing and is often used for purity, protection, release, and renewal. Mint is known as a powerful, potent and prolific healing herb that has been known to heal many ailments; an herb that provides protection, and an herb that can draw the energies of wealth and prosperity to those willing to harness it. It is virtually a panacea, and a healing force to be reckoned with.
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